About the Artist


Elayne has been an elementary school teacher for 29 years. During her teaching career, Elayne found that her Art background provided her with many essential teaching tools such as: resiliency, perseverance, creative thinking and problem solving. She continued to nurture her artistry to support her teaching career, attending classes and workshops.

As she approached retirement, and spurred on by friends, she began to entertain the idea of sharing her Art with a larger audience. She began to show her Art in 2015, making the move to full retirement from teaching in 2016.


















Elayne's collage works are created with found and purchased paper. The paper might be sourced from old atlases, sewing papers, decks of cards, old newspaper, books or wrapping papers. Gel Medium is used to adhere the paper to the fibre board background. Two layers of gel medium are used to seal the front and the back of the work upon completion. Markers are sometimes used to complete the image.