Lainey at her table with tools.jpg

My work begins with the search for paper. I scour Thrift shops for interesting papers. The paper often sparks the idea for me. I strive to honour and highlight the quality of the paper. 

1. Begin with a basic sketch of an idea.

2. Prep a surface while second guessing the sketch idea

3. Cut and punch a variety of shapes, discover they are wrong for idea

4. Lay down the basic, first elements. Revise, look, revise, look....

5. Start to adhere the images using gel medium- too late now, just go with it......this is when things get wild and fun

6. Lay down elements, assess, move pieces, assess, move pieces...

7. Glue some more

8. Have a cup of tea, ahhhhh

9. Search through papers, find the perfect piece- repeat several times.

10. Add some gel pen, paint or other elements if needed.

11. Spray varnish to seal the work.