I am a non-objective, collage artist from Reaboro, Ontario.


My collages are often interpreted as painting from a distance, but as people move closer they discovered that the work was created out of paper. Some viewers relate to a tiny fragment of paper contained within the piece, a piece which sparks a particular memory. Other viewers connect to the beauty of paper and the new life that it has been given.


My work contains paper that has been sourced from old books, maps, playing cards, sewing patterns, scrapbook material or the trash- basically I am always looking at paper and contemplating the life that is left in it after it has been abandoned. My approach is to 'paint' with the paper, using scissors as my paint brush. 


Paper speaks to the slow world in juxtaposition to our fast electronic world. Sometimes understanding the big picture means spreading it all out on the floor in front of you- crawling over the large paper map, slow nights playing cards around the table, the days of sending greeting cards through the mail or spending Saturday reading the newspaper. My work spreads these memories out in front of you, showing you all the life that is left in the things we choose to discard.  

“Our very consciousness is an ever-changing collage of mental fragments held together by one’s sense of self.” -architect Juhani Pallasmaa