As a collage artist, I am interested in the quality of the paper; the texture, weight, translucence, colour, patterning, surface, finish..... When I work I strive to honour these characteristics. My work is a balance between the paper properties and the artistic elements of line, shape, colour, value, unity, rhythm, repetition, pattern.....

My work is created using hundreds, and sometimes thousands of small pieces. The work is created on various surfaces: canvas, birch panels or mat board. Gel medium, an acrylic paint without pigment, is used as a adhesive. When completed the work is sealed with spray varnish.


I work with found and purchased paper, placing me in a position of finding the elements inherent in each particular piece. As a collage artist, I am an agent for change, transforming the past into a new tomorrow. I love looking to find new life in old maps, tissue paper, books, wrapping paper.... combining the discarded to create something beautiful and new. I am excited to explore new directions in collage. ​

“Our very consciousness is an ever-changing collage of mental fragments held together by one’s sense of self.” -architect Juhani Pallasmaa