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I am a non-objective, collage artist from Reaboro, Ontario.

My collages are often interpreted as painting from a distance, but as people move closer they discovered that the work was created out of paper. Some viewers relate to a tiny fragment of paper contained within the piece, a piece which sparks a particular memory. Other viewers connect to the beauty of paper and the new life that it has been given.

Using found and purchased papers. I create pathways to life experiences. Whether it’s a piece of gift wrap, newspaper, map or playing card, I use this medium to celebrate the everyday beauty and uniqueness of the paper in our lives. I want the viewer to experience the various fragments of memories held by the paper, paper which melds together to create complex images. These images- like individual people- reveal deeper meanings as you lean in and spend time getting to know each piece.

My work explores connections and relationships; one element to the next, one idea to the next, man's relationship to earths resources, the relationship between events in our lives, the relationship of thought to product, the relationship between life events, the relationship between artist and viewer..... Relations and connections form the foundation of our lives. 

“Our very consciousness is an ever-changing collage of mental fragments held together by one’s sense of self.” -architect Juhani Pallasmaa

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