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The most valuable space for an artist is not physical. It is not canvas, brushes, paint, glue, scissors or a room; it is the space inside the mind. It is the space to explore ideas, think about concepts and compositions, deciding how to get out of a problem or combine past ideas. Finding the mental space is often hard. I find think time through walking. To me walking is like a mini vacation. Walking, especially in nature, allows me to step outside of society for awhile with all its constraints and expectations.


Being an artist is to constantly have a conversation with yourself. As I walk I am selecting, eliminating and emphasizing ideas. What comes up is often a multitude of questions, rather than answers. Back at my studio I am ready to explore the questions and see what answers arise. For me the meaning often comes behind the work, rather than in front of it. I work to narrow my thinking, searching for the answers. 


My work charts both the inner and outer world as I walk, examining the world from multiple and varied perspectives at one time. It explores the simple outer rhythmical movement and patterns of my body integrated with my inner imagination and thinking.


Exploring ideas is the driving force of an artist. Once the thinking has come to a logical conclusion, the work is completed and released to the world. As an artist, my hope is that the viewer will then take the time to explore their own ideas around the piece. 

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