I'm interested in taking the Art of collage to new places!

Every time I sit down at the table in my studio it is like a dinner party. A dinner party is successful when the members are engaged in interesting dialogue. It is the same when I pick up my art tools. I mediate between the materials and myself. My work is a combination of risk taking, flexibility, collaboration and creativity. What ends up on the page is a unique record of the conversational process. Every visit to the studio asks me to converse with the artistic elements (line, shapes, colour value or intensity, rhythm, unity, harmony, dissonance, pattern, repetition and/or transition). I work with found and purchased paper, placing me in a position of finding the elements inherent in each particular piece. Each work is reliant on past interactions, dialogues and experiences. As a collage artist, I am an agent for change, transforming the past into a new tomorrow. My work is built on juxtaposition, the interplay of elements that will form a new, connective whole. The gestalt plays within the process and the product of my work. My collages are made of many small parts but the viewer sees the whole image first. The appearance of parts is determined by the whole, similarities and proximity are comparative, and parts can be seen to connect to the tendency of one group but be disconnected from another.


“Our very consciousness is an ever-changing collage of mental fragments held together by one’s sense of self.” -architect Juhani Pallasmaa

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